Deborah Mori, a graphic designer by trade, has designed, directed and created marketing and design materials for the past sixteen years. Most of those years being in the Halloween industry, working with Disney, Nickelodeon, and Dreamworks, along with too many others to list.

During this time, she also has been a painter and lover of all things creative, with a strong passion for the children's publishing industry. She displays her paintings at galleries and restaurants around town while exploring new, creative avenues for her art work. Deborah an advocate for self improvement and positive thinking and practices both on self, regularly. She has been known to say more than once, “It's a brand new day, find your happy life” and coincidentally is living hers. She lives and works right outside of downtown San Diego with her small family of three people and a community of dogs, cats, turtles and numerous dust bunnies. Deborah's work.