About us

Studio Voltaire began in late 2004. The brain-child of artist and art director Gwynn Goodner, the Studio grew from his 15 years of experience in working with licensors, museums and artists. During this time he developed a variety of products from calendars to greeting cards and wall decor, increasing his understanding of the market and the growing need for great licensed art. Working as a driving force in the art publishing industry, Goodner saw the opportunity to offer exciting, trend-focused images at a no-nonsense, fair price.

A working artist and licensing professional, Goodner realized that he could merge his work life and artistic life into a single vision: that new art could be focused on trend driven themes and imagery. As the idea grew, so did the portfolio offering of the Studio, until it was ready for unveiling in March 2005. Since then Studio Voltaire has grown, with monthly image releases and over a dozen artists providing fresh art.

Bert Bloom is Studio Voltaire's financial mind, keeping track of the office, accounting and operations. His background in non-profit agency management made him a fantastic
jack-of-all trades and since its inception has been the driving force on the business
side of Studio Voltaire.